Using Instagram for “Hard News” Photojournalism

Don’t forget that “literacy” includes all manner of ‘texts”: not just text-based communication, but also pictures and sound.  The concept of “literacy,” therefore, can be expaded to apply to the general idea of one’s ability to successfully interpret any kind of object.  Therefore, your Research Papers are not limited to textual new media communication:  how might digital photography be relevant to this semester’s discussions? Or what about digital music?  How did our traditional “literacies” (analog music, analog photography) change as we entered the digital era?  Imagine a Research Paper that uses either visual or aural new media texts as the point of discussion.

For example, see the following Slate magazine story on the controversial use of the Instagram app in traditional (and therefore, supposedly “objective” and “unfiltered”) journalism?

romney instagram

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images.
The left half of this photo has been placed through an Instagram filter. The right half has not.


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