“A Case for and against Proper Spelling.”

tyme to let luce

A Wired magazine article makes the case for inclusion of text-speak (or, more specifically, the neologisms and “new” spelling inspired by text messaging) in our understanding of proper spelling.

Below, see the links to the orginal Wired magazine artcle, and an NPR news story, which pits the author of the article against her copyeditor at Wired, who, of course, advocates for the maintenance of the current spelling standards.  Should we be allowed to code switch between “texting” and proper English? Should we get creative with spelling and grammar standards?

The radio program based on the article is rather instructive, too, as a demonstration of two writers letting their ideas evolve: both participants concede the validity of certain elements of the other participant’s point, thus enabling both to articulate a much more complex, nuanced idea. 

Here is the link to the original Wired magazine article:


and here is the link to the radio program debate bewteen the author and her copyeditor:



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